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Musical Theatre 360 is in partnership with the following schools: St. Ignatius School

Acting & Drama Classes


Singing & Dance

Welcome to MT 360!

We are sure to have fun with our very first Broadway Revue!

Here is some information that may be helpful in answering more specific questions.


Will there be an Audition?

Yes, however, our auditions are not meant to be scary or intimidating in any way. This is simply for us to get to know the students in our theatre setting. This year students will be asked to read a few lines alone and sing and dance in a group. For our younger students they will sing and dance together. We will make this process light-hearted and fun so they do not feeling nervous. 


When will rehearsals take place?

Currently our rehearsals will meet on Friday's after school from 3:15-5:30/6:00. However, if we have a large number of students interested we will break the rehearsals up into 2 groups by age.  

Kindergarten-4th grades will then meet on Mondays and

5th-8th grades will meet on Fridays. The time will stay the same. We will notify you by email if we are breaking into groups before our 1st rehearsal on Oct. 8th.

What will students need for Rehearsals?
Students will need the following items EACH WEEK for rehearsal.
*A healthy snack.
 *
Water bottle (please no other drink boxes etc..)
*Script in a hard covered 3 ring binder with their Name
*Jazz shoes. These can be found online. Black is preferred.


Will there be Student Attendance?
YES! At the beginning of each rehearsal students will be asked to sign in on our clipboard. Their names will be listed in alphabetical order and they just need to check the box. For younger students we will take attendance. This allows us to keep track of everyone!


What are the Dismissal Procedures?
Students will be dismissed from the Blue Entrance/Blue Doors of the school. Parents should not enter the building for dismissal. We will escort the students out of the Blue Entrance and MT 360 pick up will work like the drop off car line in the morning.


What are the procedures for students going home with another relative or friend?
Students will only be released to a parent unless we receive an signed note at the rehearsal or email from you by 3:00 stating who will be picking up your child.

Please send all emails to:

Can you tell me more about the tuition for the program?

Tuition for this year's program is $225. The tuition for additional siblings will be $150. The tuition covers 12 weekly 2 hour+ sessions teaching stage craft, singing, dancing, and acting. As this program is independent of St. Ignatius, the tuition will cover all production costs necessary for the performance, including costumes, set production, and sound.


When is the performance?

The performance is scheduled for Friday, February 11th, 2022 at 7PM.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, you will need to fill out a form for each child online, but payment in this case will be in the form of a check made payable to: Shelly O'Hara, which you can send into the school to the attention of: Musical Theatre 360.

How can I get involved with the program as a parent?

We are always looking for parent volunteers! We have a parent helper each week, as well as committees to help with set design and costuming. We welcome all our parents!

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